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Employment Policy

Grupo Empresarial Mineros S.A. selects and hires its human resources taking into account the aspects defined in the profile and role of each position that it needs to fill to maintain a team of highly qualified people. When filling vacancies, it gives priority to the Company’s employees, followed by the people from the regions where it carries out its operations, provided that they meet the established suitability criteria. Additionally, in accordance with its Code of Ethics, it aims to prevent conflicts of interest, ensuring the personal quality of everyone who is a part of the Group.

It also takes into account the principle of equality when selecting and hiring human resources, ensuring that all its employees have decent living and working conditions without discrimination on account of their social status, sexual orientation or gender, among others

Our procurement and selection process gives security to the companies of the Mineros Group because of its planning, analysis and method to find and hire the ideal candidates so that they can successfully work at the Organization.