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Apr 6 2020

Mineros S.A. – Mining in Colombia will be audited

To subscribe a contract that allows auditing mining activities in Colombia, including the revision of 9,073 mining titles, a tender process will be opened next February 1, and will close on February 29. The award will be granted on April 17th

Announcement was made by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría, who also mentioned the allocation of 337 billion pesos for this process, which implies visiting every mine in Colombia, at least twice per year, in the case of small mines, and 4 times per year, for large mines.

It is ideal to verify compliance of safety standards and labor conditions. This information will later be useful for the National Mining Agency to revoke titles considered non-compliant.

“We strive for a integral audit which includes rational use of mining resources, mining safety and hygiene, environmental management and economic and legal matters”, he added.

The design of this contracting process is being done by the Ministry of Mines and Geological Service of Colombia, who are supported by the experience and guidance of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, CCI. The Development Projects Financing Fund FONADE for its acronym in Spanish, will be the state entity in charge of implementing the tender process.

The Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, CCI, Juan Martín Caicedo Ferrer, believes this process will take into consideration several very important factors, such as the experience of the consulting firm. “The price will weigh less, about 20%, so that will allow choosing firms because of their experience and quality. We will award based on knowledge, not prices”, he said.

Compliance of Commitments Verification

The tender process to hire auditing companies will allow ending the State’s incapacity to verify compliance of contractual commitments, in terms of payment of surface fees (compensation given to the Nation for using the zone) and work plans; “In other words, control of investments necessary in terms of compliance with environmental and labor standards. We will take a giant step with resource royalties to guarantee adequate mining auditing. No more granting of titles without verifying the commitments and complying with regulations and standards”, said the Minister Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaria.

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